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Welcome to Ep-90 of Geekologist Radio mutants prepare to dive deep into the first season of Marvel's the Gifted as our Geekologists NickinPDX and Damian Nash take you on a tour of the characters new and old that make up the vast new universe of Marvel's latest series. Meet new mutants like Pedro (basically the bearded negative to Night crawler), or Eclipse The mutant undergrounds rough around the edges Professor Xavier type or join in as we look back at older mutants that were cleverly given center stage time like Shatter, Sage, or the new Take on Polaris. It wouldn't be a full episode without knowing what the guys had been up to since the last episode either that being said be ready for Monster Hunter World, PUBG, a little Sea of Thieves and a healthy helping of Altered Carbon to start the episode out with a bang. Be sure to check back Next Week as we give you our Netflix: Altered Carbon Season 1 breakdown and review until then be sure to Geek out and reach us on Twitter/Email us with what you have been up to with a chance to be heard on the show. Email, geekologist@ninjapancake.com Twitter @geekologisradio Web www.geekologistradio.com www.ninjapancake.com

Ep 80-Game On- Bayek's Star Wars Odyssey

Geekologist Radio: Game On #80 “Bayek’s Star Wars Odyssey” Hey Geeks and Geekettes Let’s talk some Mario Odyssey, Is Cappie a main stay character or dare I say it Yoshi repla
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