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1 min read | 1 year ago

Ep 77 - In Our Queue - All Things Stranger

Welcome all to Geekologist Radio: Episode #77: In Our Queue “All Things Stranger” Featuring your hosts Damian Nash, Twowolvzz, and CauCajun Saint giving you a fun-filled rundown on content to fill your screen time. This week’s In Our Queue focuses solely and completely on Stranger Things 2. We start off with our spoil-free thoughts. Then, fair warning, we go into spoilers, covering the differences and similarities between Season 1 and Season 2. We discuss the characters in groups: Returning Kids, Returning Teens, Returning Adults, and New Characters. Turning on our flux capacitor, we discuss the many references this season makes to 80s Music, 80s movies, and then specifically Sequel Movies. With no Hype Train this week, we round out our review podcast with our rating and send you out of the Upside Down. Email: Twitter: @geekologisradio Web: /


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