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1 min read | 1 year ago

Ep 78 - Game On - Odyssey into our Gaming Systems

Welcome all to Geekologist Radio: Episode 78: Game On “Odyssey into our Gaming Systems,” featuring your hosts Damian Nash, Twowolvzz, Silver Soul, and CauCajun Saint giving you a fun-filled rundown on content to fill your gaming time. This week’s Game On we talk about what we are doing in Destiny 2; a Stardew Valley glitch on the Switch; thoughts and opinions of Super Mario Odyssey; initial impressions of CoD: WWII; finish ing off Game On segment with the Super Nintendo Classic. In the Hype Train we get excited about the upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC and patches in Destiny 2; Xbox One X’s imminent arrival to our homes; Assassin’s Creed Origins and its position as the game to get with an Xbox One X system; PUBG’s arrival date to Xbox; we round it out with a little Sea of Thieves news. Email: Twitter: @geekologisradio Web: /


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